Warning Signs of Foundation Failure

Interior Warning Signs

One of the first warning signs that a home has foundation issues is cracked drywall. If the problems are left untreated for a long enough period of time windows and doors can become increasingly difficult to open and close.

Exterior Warning Signs

The first signs to look for are cracked mortar joints or cracked CMU block joints in a stair step direction.


Foundation Problems

With time, the brick or CMU block begins to separate from doors and windows. Finally, roofing and framing are a severe issue. Time to call a

Existing Problems? No Problem!

Upon warranty purchase an inspection by a local certified inspector will be scheduled. Should existing deficiencies be found the warranty holder will have two options.

1. Make all required improvements as indicated by the certified inspector and provide documentation to the warranty company.

2. Cancel the warranty and receive a full refund for the amount paid less the cost incurred for the inspection.

Foundation damage can occur at anytime during construction, after construction, months and even years later. By the time you see the signs it is too late to budget for or warrant against this impending problem.

Purchasing an inexpensive foundation warranty is the BEST investment you can make to insure your home and your financial security. Arkansas Foundation Warranty is the only company in Arkansas to offer you this kind of protection. AFW will arrange and pay for the repair of your home through a certified and licensed foundation repair company. No need for you to schedule multiple appointments for meetings, proposals or comparable bids. You will receive the most advanced technology from the most experienced and licensed companies in business in your area.